Filled with legendary creations, the exclusive scents in the Guerlain men’s fragrance collection offers the ultimate in refined elegance. From Vétiver to L’Homme Idéal, these timeless fragrances transcend trends, bringing Guerlain’s audacious singularity to French elegance to the skin. These unique stories bear witness to the powerful bonds that perfume can foster, which only a maison like Guerlain can so strongly inspire.

For 2024, Guerlain Maison Perfumer, Delphine Jelk, has now decided to embark on a new stylistic journey by adding a new olfactory dimension to the Maison’s iconic men’s collection. For the first time in its history, Guerlain has extended its Vétiver, Habit Rouge and L’Homme Idéal into Parfums, the most concentrated and precious expressions of fragrance in perfume. Taking inspiration from the world of spirits, Delphine Jelk has given these iconic olfactory signatures a new sense of intensity and power. This Father’s Day, these three new creations echo the heartfelt legacy and traditions found within the rest of the men’s collection.

A captivating intensity

Synonymous with luxury and power, in perfumery, Parfum represents the boldest expression of a fragrance, and reflects the truest essence of its raw materials. Driven by its exceptional expertise and creativity, Guerlain has decided to share the beauty and power of Parfum with men. To mark the beginning of this journey, Delphine Jelk has turned to the world of spirits for inspiration to reinterpret Vétiver, Habit Rouge and l’Homme Idéal. Looking to this world, which shares so much with perfumery, Delphine Jelk has borrowed several key notes and composition styles to create three new highly concentrated and irresistible one-of-a-kind fragrances.

Inspired by bourbon

Habit Rouge Le Parfum

Known as the first amber fragrance for men, Jean-Paul Guerlain created Habit Rouge in 1965, inspired by his love of equestrianism. Since then, its woody, spicy fragrance enveloped with the roundness of vanilla has become an olfactory byword for French elegance. Its signature has become an expression of pure sophistication and sensuality.

Inspired by the intense, yet warm character of a bourbon, Habit Rouge Le Parfum evokes all the tonalities of rum. Its accord is the perfect showcase for Guerlain’s exclusive vanilla tincture, which, as one of the Maison’s crown jewels, forms the cornerstone of the new Habit Rouge Le Parfum. Made using high-quality organic vanilla beans, this tincture has been made according to the same ancestral technique that has been preserved by the Maison for nearly 200 years. Firstly, fresh vanilla pods are shipped from Madagascar to the Guerlain perfume manufacturing plant in Orphin, France.

Then, the pods are cut using a special guillotine which has been handed down between generations of perfumers. Lastly, they are left to macerate in alcohol for several weeks. Together, this attention to detail and sheer patience is essential to ensuring the tincture develops the full expanse of vanilla’s rich, woody and leathery aroma, as well as its many alluring facets. Paired with patchouli, this vanilla tincture lends Habit Rouge’s signature special depth, making this latest expression of the blazing and passionate icon in men’s fragrance its boldest yet.

Imprinted with amaretto

L’Homme Idéal Le Parfum

A bold take on contemporary masculinity, L’Homme Idéal distills the aspirations of today’s men into a fragrance that melds Guerlain’s long heritage with its passion for modernity. Throughout the fragrance, from its top notes to its base, almond brings captivating appeal to this contrast-filled composition by blending the bright vivaciousness of citrus and aromatic plants with hints of leathery woody notes.

Borrowing from the bitter almond in Italian amaretto liqueur, L’Homme Idéal Le Parfum plays up the subtle, yet rich and sensual character of the original fragrance. Thanks to the skillful expertise of Guerlain’s perfumers, an amaretto accord takes centre stage in the top notes of the fragrance, making it irresistibly captivating. Meanwhile, in the heart of the fragrance, deeply mysterious leather facetted with woody accents of patchouli creates a captivating and seductive fragrance that lingers into a sensual cocoon of musk.

Inspired by infused gin

Vétiver Le Parfum

Designed as a celebration of the noble vetiver root, Vétiver was first created in 1959. For its time, its powerfully woody accord with round tobacco and Tonka bean proved highly innovative. Since then, thanks to its citrus and spice accents, its warm and sleek scent has become a masterpiece in contemporary perfumery.

Crafted like an infused gin, Vétiver Le Parfum opens with explosively aromatic notes of delicately bitter juniper berry. This vibrant opening brings out the exceptionally fresh facets in vetiver essence. This noble ingredient, obtained by distilling its roots, is the essence that reveals the full depth of the vetiver plant’s woodiness. Blended with bewitching smoky notes and Guerlain’s characteristically addictive Tonka bean, its scent takes on a sublime balance of luminosity and earthiness, strength and elegance.

Passed down from father to son

Guerlain creates fragrances with legacy, fragrances that can be passed from one generation to the next, much like a style secret, an approach to elegance or an appreciation of beauty can be. Founded in Paris in 1828, Guerlain’s legendary story has been upheld by a long line of Perfumers who have passed their epitome of excellence from one generation to the next. As guardians of exceptional Maison expertise, this unconditional love for the finest raw materials and visionary creativity is embodied by their instantly recognizable Guerlinade olfactory style.

For a Maison with a heritage as long as Guerlain’s, it’s only natural that its creations should follow generations of men through life. Over time, these olfactory signatures have become a fragrant legacy that fathers have been able to pass to sons, and grandfathers to grandsons. These fragrances all leave stories, memories, and above all, a way of seeing the world and of appreciating fragrance and beauty in their wake. This is a timeless heritage that anyone can make their own.


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