To celebrate a decade of existence, Akillis Paris unveils its latest fine jewellery piece and thus propels a creative momentum to its apex. In fact, with those unique pieces, Akillis Paris reaches out beyond the limits of its imaginary. The unswerving passion of Caroline Gaspard for gemstones, stemming from the end of the world, naturally encourages her to exalt beauty. Hence, for this high-end jewellery creation, enhancing its splendour becomes her mantra.

Caroline Gaspard, founder of Akillis Jewellery, wanted a unique design with gemstones of exceptional colours. The elaboration of this high jewellery set epitomizes a consecration spanning ten years of creation. Gemstones from the end of the world Pegged to the exceptional itinerary of an ultra-daring creator, open onto the world and far-flung travels, this brand-new set is an invitation to the discovery of this unusual tourmaline Paraïba stones. Just by looking at them, you sense that the Caribbean Sea is never far away. Their scintillating lagoon nuances make the imagination soar to the top of the dream and escapade ladder.


This very special jewellery set incarnates strong multi-faceted symbolism. And since Caroline Gaspard renewed her wedding vows six times beyond frontiers, the six rows of gemstones from Paraïba are an ode to travel and love expressing with an ethnic charm the power of their original aura. A promise of happiness, a stunning combination between a carefree attitude and extravagance: everything about these pieces makes sense. The colour of the gemstones brings to mind distant seas while the beauty of the diamonds recalls the shimmering reflections of the sun on water. Its inspiration drawn from the Amazonian art of the Guarani tribes, this necklace conveys a truly sacred allure, becoming the contemporary symbol of a primitive story.

Geometry with an ethnic aura

Like a large contemporary tribal breastplate, this set, whose presence is similar to a totem, conveys the universal strength of stones, the mystical heritage of native populations and the transmission of timeless aesthetics. This unique jewellery sets prompt mystery with natural authority. Its extraverted sensuality in total osmosis with the precision of detail magnifies women. Spectacular, this set is designed to bring out flattering femininity, dressing up the neck by taking its shape with ultra-comfortable suppleness.

The stones set shape a large plastron of light, subtly lit by the lagoon blue aura of the gems, partially unveiling bare skin. This profusion of gemstones, shining blue foam, carries desire to the border of inlaid diamonds. Between illusion and magic, their beauty is bewitching without revealing the secret of this personal emotion. (of this fascinating levitation) Evoking the magic of the islands, these stones symbolize the adventuresome spirit of Caroline Gaspard and her taste for streamlined graphic shapes in order to reach the shores of anti-conformist and modern fine jewellery.

Expert know-how

Imposing in terms of size, seemingly very light, this sensual and opulent necklace gives the stone a sense of freedom when worn. The refine sculptural sketch showcases a new geometry. Thanks to intricate know-how, the lightness of the necklace defies gravity. The subtle combination of technical mastering and a natural sense showcases a power of metamorphosis that conveys a majestic feeling.

The style of the pieces imposes themselves by lessening the weight of the material. Hence, the precious stones are placed in a perfectly aesthetic geometric alignment. Its visible simplicity makes it fascinating. Liberated from all influence, the 180 carefully selected gemstones from Paraïba, thus reveal the poetry of vibrant shaded colours – totally weightless. As though unified on the edge of the water, in a refined balance, its precious gold seems to fade in order to put the spotlight on the limpidity of the gems with authentic fluidity.

Its support, adjusted close to the skin without any superfluous rigidity, reflects the expertise of the Akillis workshops. The precision of the proportions and the accomplished balance of the graphic lines propels this necklace beyond traditional ornamentation thanks to extreme know-how and sophistication. Perfectly articulated, several parts of the necklace can be easily detached, allowing different possibilities, totally modulable in keeping with the wearer’s whimsies.

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