Alexander McQueen takes over fashion capitals with Graffiti Campaign. The graffiti has been featured in the current and upcoming collections and will continue to be part of the narrative in future seasons. Graffiti is a novelty in the brand’s men’s and women’s collections across all product categories, from t-shirts to bags, sunglasses and more. The unique graphic print adds a sharp twist to McQueen’s signature avant-garde style.

A sense of character inspires the world of McQueen men’s and women’s eyewear designs, all imbued with the anarchic spirit of British youth countercultures and expressed in particular by the McQueen graffiti logo printed on bold plastic volumes in gritty tones as well as more vibrant hues.

The brand also released a short, black-and-white film showing the graffiti on the brand’s pre-fall and fall 2021 collections across ready-to-wear, bags and shoes in both men’s and women’s wear lines. It can be seen on buildings, buses, taxis, underground and on pavements in London, New York and Paris, as well as on trams outside the Duomo in Milan.

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