GalloireX is a new artist collaboration programme by Galloire Contemporary Art, via which the gallery works with leading international artists to craft and release new, highly-collectible limited edition prints, multiples and unique works on paper. The programme gives a wider audience the opportunity to engage with contemporary art, with the artists and enables more people to collect their works more affordably.

As the beginning GalloireX launches with 8 brand new works on paper by US contemporary artist Seek One. Philadelphia-born Seek One began experimenting with graffiti at the age of 15, and surrounded by street art and photography, the development of his mixed media style began from there. He has been a breakout star in the US and his work has built up a following in the celebrity world, with everyone from the actress Kaley Cuoco to NBA star Kevin Durant counting themselves amongst his collectors.

Referencing historic, pop and urban icons, his work speaks to all ages and backgrounds, refreshing and bringing new vibrant energy to the well known subjects he depicts. And yet, amidst the glamour and glorification, his work also tears at, scuffs and roughens – hinting at the imperfections of all these icons.

Artist Statement: “As a contemporary artist, I aim to develop one of one pieces of fine art that bring iconic figures, vintage media and street style into one. My work stems from my background as a graffiti street artist and photographer while also depicting nostalgic influences from my childhood and world travels. Mixed with my obsession with popular culture and its influence on society; this drives me to channel that influence and incorporate it into my work. Blurring the lines between urban culture and fine art has established my unique style of art bringing iconic images and street style together. My goal is to create timeless pieces of fine art that everyone can connect with”.


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Galloire works within the world of modern and contemporary art to bring the best international talent to the Middle East and make their work available locally. 
With an experienced team that includes artists, gallerists and collectors, Galloire brings a broader audience to art and makes discovering, connecting with and collecting world-class artists’ work more transparent and accessible – better serving artists, existing collectors and anyone new to contemporary art.

Galloire’s ongoing exhibition program features artwork from some of the most exciting international artists in their field, often bringing them to the Middle East for the first time. Galloire believes in breaking down the barriers between physical and digital art forms, so, as well as the use of technology to enhance accessibility to our exhibitions, we will be working with the premier artists in the field of digital art to bring their work to the region.

Alongside its exhibition programme, Galloire offers a curated selection of sought-after unique and limited-edition artworks via its online store – whether for existing collectors looking for a specific artist’s work or for someone wanting to make a first investment in art with confidence. GalloireX will be releasing new pieces regularly, so keep up to date by following the programme on Instagram @GalloireX as well as at the main gallery Instagram @Galloireart 

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