Twenty-one years after the radical Overthetop made its debut at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and cemented Oakley as a leader in performance eyewear, the brand will again disrupt the sports landscape with Xeus – a design incorporating the game-changing innovation behind Oakley Kato’s unique lens architecture with influence taken from the kabuto of samurai, the iconic warrior of the Olympics’ host country, Japan.

Oakley Xeus will be worn by select Team Oakley athletes during some of the most exhilarating, competitive moments on the world’s biggest stage at the 2020 Summer Olympics. During these times that demand peak performance, when the stakes are their absolute highest and the emotional and mental battle is just as prevalent as the physical challenge, Xeus provides the inspiration for athletes to unlock the mindset of a god to make possible the impossible on the field of play and beyond.


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Xeus is the third style released this year that uses PhysioMorphic Geometry to create a lens design that provides optimized coverage and frame-like retention. Its Prizm 24K lens, with alt Iridium for a two-toned appearance, is engineered to enhance color and contrast to see more detail.

The limited-edition eyewear is delivered in a bespoke, one-of-a-kind display case built within a hand-painted Tokyo cityscape, designed for the eyewear to be displayed upon opening the case’s lid. Included in the case is a collector’s booklet depicting Oakley’s history of disruption and the foundation for this exclusive product, as well as an illustration of the warrior inspiring the collection.


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