Exploring the fusion of faith and fashion, tradition and modernity, during the Holy Month of Ramadan, Titan Watches has launched Titan Marhaba, a collection inspired by the culture, architecture, and people of the Middle East.

Featuring stunning timepieces for women and men designed specifically with the local watch aficionado in mind, Titan Marhaba is a true reflection of Titan’s inherent design prowess and innovation but also the brand’s deep understanding and respect for its regional customer.

Inspired by modern architecture, Arabic calligraphy and traditional motifs, the discerning consumer is certain to appreciate the many subtle cultural cues embedded into each watch.  From the Mashrabiya-inspired dial to the stone settings to mark the hours, not to mention the Arabic numerals, it is the intricate details and deep-hued colours of the women’s timepieces in this collection that personify the elegance of today’s Arab woman.

The green dial of the signature men’s watch is also inspired by the Mashrabiya or carved latticework, a popular feature of traditional Arabic and Islamic architecture. In fact, the dial on all the men’s watches take inspiration from modern architecture, with a crescent-tipped central hand, and a mix of Arabic numerals and bold faceted indices for the hour markings, giving each watch a classic yet modern look.

“This region continues to inspire us and with the accent on modest yet stylish dressing during Ramadan, we thought this would be a perfect time to introduce our regional customers to Titan Marhaba, a collection that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity. The unique timepieces aren’t just a perfect accessory for the season, but a celebration of the vibrant regional fashion scene, and another way for the stylish set to express their individuality,” said Aditya Kejriwal, Business Head – Titan International Business.

“Our inspiration comes from the region itself and the people who want to add that hint of modernity to their look without compromising on their traditions. Titan Marhaba reflects the beauty and power of that sentiment,” he added.

Prices start at AED 250 and the watches are now available at Titan retail outlets across UAE, select Hour Choice stores, leading department stores, online marketplaces, and authorized retailers. The watch will also be available at Titan Watch kiosks and stores across the GCC in Oman, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.


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