On the 16th and 17th of June, Le Guépard will host its first Four Hands Dinner experience, which celebrates the bringing-together of two globally renowned chefs: Chef YAX and Chef Omar. Taking diners on a creative multi-sensory journey, the culinary collaboration will feature a progressive seven-course menu offering experiential dishes that transcend cultural barriers.

In a culinary-first, Le Guépard introduces its Four Hands Dinner dining experience, taking place on the 16 and 17 June. The whimsical French brasserie and private-dining restaurant presents a delectable line-up of courses with the assistance of France-based chef and soon-to-be restaurant owner Omar Dhiab, who will join forces with their in-house chef, Yanis Yahoui. On this special occasion, the two chefs will work on a cohesive tasting menu that takes guests on an artisanal and creative adventure; each dish designed to draw the diner’s attention deeper into the flavours and textures – enjoying the pleasures of fine dining at its very best.

Yanis Yahoui also known as Chef Yax, Le Guépard’s head chef, is widely known for his innovation and gastronomical savoir-faire. With a multi-sensory approach to dining, Chef Yax believes that every meal should trigger emotions or past experiences to leave a long-lasting impression. French, though began his career at a fine dining restaurant in London, Chef Yax moved to Dubai in 2018 and has since worked at some of the most renowned restaurants including La Cantine du Faubourg and Ossiano.

On the Four Hands special evenings, he is accompanied by a previous Michelin-star chef all the way from France, Omar Dhiab. Ahead of his own restaurant opening in Paris in September 2022, Chef Omar is granting diners a magical exclusive preview into his creative culinary craftsmanship and repertoire.

Working in unison, the Four Hands Dinner, is the ideal playground for the two chefs to express their individuality and combine techniques, cultures, and ingredients to produce a progressive seven-course menu that takes diners on an immersive journey, where the senses work in concert.

Le Guépard is a 20th-century-inspired French brasserie and private-dining restaurant, located in Alserkal Avenue, Dubai. The venue offers a personalized dining experience to each guest, with utter elegance and panache. Steeped in the glamour of a 1930s European home, Le Guépard is a dreamlike world where the realms of imagination and reality come together. As a nod to the likes of design masters Madeleine Castaing and Henri Samuel – the maximalist Art Deco interiors create a fantastical setting that invites guests to move away from reality and enter an enchanting universe.

Expertly designed by the head chef, Yanis Yahoui, the highly seasonal menus are inspired by classical French dishes with a modern and creative twist. The brasserie at the entrance leads inside to three ‘secret’ rooms: an elegant lounge dedicated to socialising and canapés, !Le Guépardeau”a cosy garden-like room that fits up to 12 guests, and “La Guéparde”a sultry bronze, larger dining room fitting up to 65 guests.

Yanis Yahoui – Head Chef, Le Guépard

After graduating from one of the best hospitality schools in France at the age of 15 (Ecole Hôtelière de Paris Lycée Jean Drouant), Yanis has gained invaluable experience at some of the most renowned restaurants across France, London, and New York. Upon relocating to Dubai in 2019, Yanis worked alongside Gregoire Berger at Ossiano, Atlantis The Palm, before being appointed Head Chef at La Cantine Du Faubourg (nominated the best French restaurant in DIFC) alongside Gilles Bosquet.

He joined Le Guépard where he has since been able to break every traditional barrier in the culinary world and proceeded to find the perfect space to innovate and express his individuality through the delectable art of cooking. For Yanis, cooking is way more than simply combining ingredients, it is a whole world that can evoke so many emotions and pleasures. Striving to unravel the mystery of Proust Madeleine in his culinary creations – Yanis aims to elicit childhood memories through instinctive smells and tastes and believes a meal should be an experience that leaves a long-lasting impression.

Omar Dhiab

The son of a cook, Omar Dhiab has been rocked and transported by the smells, flavours and scents of !Homemade”cooking prepared by his father since he was little. He completed his apprenticeship at the age of 16 in a large Le Train Bleu restaurant in the Gare de Lyon, where he discovered the organisation and challenge of a large structure and learned to perfect the basics of traditional cuisine. Over his career he has worked at a number of starred establishments

alongside iconic chefs that changed his outlook on cooking including Christian Le Squer at the Pavillon Ledoyen and Christophe Moret, first at the Lasserre restaurant then at the restaurant L’Abeille. Guided by nature – the earth and its plants – he begins by choosing the star vegetable and builds the dish around it, such as turnip, duck, blackberries, anchovies or even celeriac, stewed, confit egg yolk and seaweed butter.

Location: Alserkal Avenue, Unit 57, Al Quoz. Price: AED 600 per person. By reservations only – Limited number of seats.


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