Following the panther’s footsteps

Cartier invites you to celebrate an extravagant Christmas with a giant panther. Its monumental feline silhouette protects, and playfully reveals, the delicate and precious world of Cartier gifts. Since the beginning of the 20th century, Cartier’s history has been filled with domestic and wild animals. The emblematic panther has embodied Cartier’s creations since 1914. Becoming a Maison legend, this motif runs throughout a contrasting collection of white, black, green and red. Porcelain objects with a trinket tray, ink pad, solitaire game and vase. Paper objects, a notebook, stationery and invitation cards and finally, a cashmere blanket.

Following rose gold, Clash de Cartier is now expressed in white gold: rings and bracelets which can be stacked and layered, in all versions. Following coral and its first limited-edition jewellery versions, Clash boldly embraces the turquoise nuances of amazonite, the lagoon blue-toned beads set amongst pink gold studs. Experience the same sensations of fluidity and mobility; this is jewellery that shakes up the Maison’s aesthetic heritage of studs, beads, and clous carrés.

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