An evening at Hubert de Givenchy’s Hôtel Particulier in Paris. In this mansion, which resembles the designer, aristocratic chic blends with bold impertinence. Symbolising French art de vivre, this unique setting opens its doors to the most eclectic personalities.

This singular universe, infused with an irreverent elegance, inspired La Collection Particulière: an exceptional fragrance range designed as an invitation to explore the premises, and meet the characters revolving around the designer’s universe. Each fragrance reveals the uniqueness of a personality linked to one of the spaces of the Hôtel Particulier. You mix with the tomboy Garçon Manqué, the incandescent Enflammé, the merciless Sans Merci, as well as the irreverent Trouble Fête… Created with the most precious olfactory materials, these unisex fragrances mirror unusual, asserted characters.

A new guest has turned up. Never judge a book by its cover: Faux Semblant is obviously not what it looks like. Faux Semblant is elusive. It constantly sways between twilight and dawn, between the half-light of a corridor and the sumptuously lit up drawing rooms of the Hôtel Particulier. It slips away, dodges, hides. It constantly plays with appearances.

Its complex personality expresses itself in a fragrance created in chiaroscuro where orange blossom, wrapped in woody essences, unveils surprising facets. You thus discover that this supposedly innocent flower keeps its cards close to its chest…

The composition opens on a twirl of incense and angelica – a powerful accord exuding voluptuous, mesmerising notes. Used as an absolute, orange blossom from Morocco makes a sensational entrance: its most intense and unexpected facets are enhanced by deep, creamy, textured sandalwood from Australia. The ambery, addictive notes of honey from Provence brighten up the fragrance with golden hues. As for cistus absolute from Spain and patchouli essence from Indonesia, they add further richness and texture to this contrasted heart… Enters transcended orange blossom. Highlighted by leathery, ambery notes, precious Oud from Malaysia adds the finishing touch to the fragrance; it conveys its refined elegance, as well as the mysterious aura which makes it so unique.

The signature fragrance of the collection, Accord Particulier can be worn alone or combined with other scents in the Collection. It thus makes it possible to accentuate the trail of each fragrance by providing them with texture, character and depth. On contact with Accord Particulier, Faux Semblant gains even more in sophistication and sensuality. Orange blossom becomes more unsettling than ever.

Faux Semblant is sheathed in the emblematic case of La Collection Particulière: a slender bottle donned in a black gradation which partly hides the fragrance within. The name of the perfume is written in golden letters on a band affixed to the glass. Also on the boxes, the inscribed 4Gs take on this shade synonymous with opulence.

The magnetic cap of the bottle can be customised as you want. The original gold version, engraved with the 4Gs, can be replaced by one of the variants in textured, granite-style gold or hammered gold. Ornamental details can be tailor-chosen, in the purest French art de vivre.

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