Enigma is an experience where ingredients and the human heart interact to create something magical. Inspired by the Iranian origins of our Michelin starred Executive Chef Mansour Memarian, it is the most authentic culinary story to grace the kitchens of Enigma. Enigma has an indoor and outdoor seating that offers beautiful views of the main pool and Dubai Creek.

Set in Dubai’s Culture Village, Palazzo Versace Dubai is a fitting tribute to the very essence of brand Versace. From its magnificently lit facade, resembling a 16th century royal palace, to the fine Italian furnishings, every corner conveys that the experiences waiting inside will be far from ordinary. It is appropriate that Enigma, the fine dining restaurant at Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai is home of Persian cuisine.

Quaint and intimate, Enigma’s interiors have a surreal ambience featuring dim lighting with candles and lamps as well as traditional arabesque hints in its décor. But you’ll easily find the magical views of Dubai Creek from the al fresco deck competing for your attention. The indoor setting is absolutely beautiful, with furnishings and decor hinting, more than anything, about a Persian experience. If you like me you are enchanted by the night lights of a city as the lights gleam of the pools at the hotel, then you have added reason to enjoy the outdoors.

Persian culinary tradition is reinterpreted at Enigma with the thoughtful and subtle additions of Michelin starred Chef, Mansour Memarian. Inspired from his Iranian origins, Chef Mansour has developed a creative gastronomic experience of truly authentic Persian cuisine with his own inimitable twist. Passion is one of those overused words in hospitality. Every chef is passionate. Every hotelier is passionate. The truth is, in Chef Mansour, that passion comes across so clearly,  like breathing, unequivocally.

This harmonious marriage of culinary arts and innovation, served in a sumptuous atmosphere with an outdoor terrace overlooking Dubai Creek, showcases Palazzo Versace Dubai’s attention to detail. Offering a sharing menu, this exceptional experience allows guests to interact with Chef Mansour and his team with several dishes being prepared live.

The restaurant brings the true spirit of Persian style to Dubai. Herbs, fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese and nuts are very part of an Iranian table. Start your meal with Kotlette Tehrani, a traditional Persian dish made up of crispy potatoes with minced beef, onion juice and saffron. Guests can indulge a main course made to perfection such as Kabab Versace or a mouthwatering traditional Tehran Dizi, served with home-made condiments and fresh bread, then finish with a delightful Falude to refresh your palate.

If you enjoy eggplant, the charcoal grilled eggplant is a must. Robust flavours but with that unmistakable eggplant texture and taste, and nicely textured with roasted onions and crispy mint, the Kashke bademjun turns out to be my guest’s dish of the night.

Palazzo Versace Dubai is a trendsetting hotel, not only in terms of its relationship to the world of fashion but as a destination in its own right when it comes to five-star dining. Each of the hotel’s eight restaurants and bars provides diners with unique culinary concepts and have been purposefully designed to have an al fresco terrace.

Location: Palazzo Versace DubaiContacts: enigma@palazzoversace.ae or call 04 556 8830.

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