Dunhill Crush by Fredrikson Stallard is an artistic partnership that unites the worlds of art and fashion with a connection rooted in materiality and authenticity. Individual and unique sculptures of mirrored polished aluminium have been formed by hand in an archaic and intensely physical way.  Each art work, connects with dunhill’s aesthetic through the use of metal crafted to reflect light in a fluid and changing way.

The art works will be showcased in dunhill flagship stores worldwide, as the reflective frame to the 2018 gifting collection, constantly changing with the movement of viewpoint, time and light. The polished finish of the crush collection adds a further dimension to the seasonal campaign imagery captured by photographer Chris Rhodes highlighting the latest designs & unique gifts by Creative Director Mark Weston.  

“Metal & engineering are house codes that I have always been drawn to and continue to develop as a means to expressing the design vocabulary of dunhill.  Materials, and honesty to materials is a shared central constant to both dunhill and Fredrikson Stallard, their art has an energy and dynamism that is instinctively compelling” Stated Mark Weston, dunhill’s Creative Director.

Fredrikson Stallard commented:  “At the heart of our work is the freedom and expression of the performance of creation, the raw energy of instantaneous thought and feeling. The sculptural qualities of our works are born from the desires of instinct, reality, authenticity. They are a record of an energetic moment, aftermath, disruption, the creation of a subconscious collage. The works have an urge to connect, both with their surroundings in terms of form and reflection, both inwards and outwards, and demand the immediate attention of an audience.

An audience who, as with the Rorschach ink blot, is given the power to perceive their own ideas in the abstractions they are presented with. The works have an extreme precision of task within their bodies which at first glance may have appeared haphazard or inconclusive. They are in fact neither. In their baroque simplicity they are truly inclusive, collaborative. They are yours. They are what you desire, want and need”.

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