Dr. Maya Khoury, Aesthetic Dermatologist in Dubai, Founder & Medical Director of Le Réve Dermatology & Aesthetic Clinic, stated that the aesthetic medicine became an effective factor in supporting the medical tourism in Dubai, a matter which matches the vision of Dubai government that launched a big number of initiatives to support the medical sector, particularly during the outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic.

“Dubai Health Experience is a pioneering governmental initiative that reflects the global leading status of Dubai in the medical tourism, and its efficiency in this vital sector”, Khoury said.

“Dermatology & aesthetic medicine robustly emerged on the global health arena, and became one of the most significant effective specialized sectors in the movement and market of medical tourism. This in turn reflects the increasing demand for this kind of medical services, particularly that the dermatology diseases are linked to several other diseases, let alone the remarkable growth of plastic surgeries and other complementary surgeries, and the noticeable interest therein within the different communities”, she clarified.

“Dubai is the best destination for establishing private clinics, thanks to its traits, e.g. facilities, systems and clear checks from the part of Dubai Health Authority (DHA), which contribute in raising the medical levels and health criteria to surmount their peers in the other cities all over the world, particularly regarding the high standards and checks for licensing, in a manner that assures the safety of patients and the quality of medical services. Moreover, the facts that there are more than 120 nationalities are represented in Dubai’s healthcare sector makes you feel like in your home”, she noted.

Destination for medical conferences: “Dubai became a destination for international medical conferences, and also became a destination for the most prominent physicians from all over the world”, Dr. Maya Khoury, Founder & Medical Director of Le Réve Dermatology & Aesthetic Clinic, added.

She underlined the fact that Dubai is deemed the home of the healthcare institutions that are internationally accredited, which offer an innovative model of comprehensive integrated healthcare, as they provide the clients with unrivalled health experience. “The advanced infrastructure owned by the healthcare providers in Dubai boosts several specializations that include the optional procedures in the aesthetic therapy”, Khoury advised.

“The UAE became a regional hub for medical and aesthetic therapy, owing to its high quality healthcare, short waiting times, and competitive prices. Accordingly, the UAE became an ideal destination for the patients who seek to get treatment abroad”, she told.

She also noted that the UAE occupies the fifth place globally in the quality of healthcare facilities and services, and the seventh place in another index, which is called “Destination Environment “.

“According to data, the breakdown of demand for “dermatology medicine” is as the following: 31% from Asian countries, 27% from European countries, and 26% from GCC and Arab countries”, Khoury added.

“The data reveled that Dubai received almost 630 thousands of international medical tourists during 2021, while the medical expenses which were disbursed by the international patients amounted to AED 730 Mn. These numbers are deemed records if calculated and estimates within the context of COVID-19, that triggered some kind of recession for the medical tourism during last two years”, Khoury advised.

“Le Réve Dermatology & Aesthetic Clinic, which was established one year ago, achieved a significant success, as it hosted more than 3500 patients within one year, for different medical procedures. Le Réve was established according to high medical criteria and in an advanced modern design. Thus, the patients can feel comfort and privacy”, she concluded.

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