Dubai Clock, which acquired its first fame and attention during “The Hotel Show Dubai”, was installed at Rixos Premium at JBR. Amjad Al Hajj’s clock tower fit in perfectly within the interior of posh space as if it’s been always there adding the touch of timing significance.

Amjad Al Hajj says, ‘‘The inspiration for Dubai Clock came with the announcement “to make Dubai an open-air museum” though the shape of the tower was formed in Corsica where I was doing 3 days cycling challenge which exhausted my body but empowered “vivid imagination”. Laughing then continues, ‘It seems incredible but a fact – time doesn’t have power over Dubai growth and rapid movement forward. To make the idea of Clock tower come true was my next challenge though now not physical but creative. To me, Dubai Clock, all steel and glass, recreates Dubai architectural style, the city of many values and the one where I love living.’

So, we are inviting you to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Rixos Premium where you may have a cup of coffee and a chat with a friend next to Dubai Clock. 04 520 0000


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