Inspired by a springtime garden in Sicily, the delicate palette leads us to admire the innate beauty of fresh roses in full bloom. The perfect accessory of this season? The Blush Rosa Duchessa with a rose printed on powder that lends a fresh and natural glow to the skin. Dolce Garden Eau de Parfum is a delicious new flower blossoming in a garden where simple pleasures and spontaneity set the beat for a joyful dance during a lazy yet groovy afternoon.

A joyful, solar aura blending citrus and cream. A new flower: the luscious frangipani blossom. With Dolce Garden – a floriental gourmand Eau de Parfum – the perfumer Violaine Collas captures its every nuance. In the sun-kissed top notes, juicy mandarin, bright neroli and airy magnolia express its radiance. Coconut essence, a unique natural extract of the fruit’s white flesh, accents the creamy freshness of its petals. A silky almond milk accord evokes the traditional sweets of Sicily. Enriched with vanilla absolute and sandalwood, it extends the exquisite sensuality of the frangipani note into the drydown. An exquisite balance of freshness and sweetness, the scents of a blooming garden.

With Dolce Garden, the frangipani blossom joins the delightful bouquet of the Dolce family. Dolce Eau de Parfum combines the delicate white water lily, the bold white daffodil and a South African flower captured for the first time ever in a scent: the white amaryllis; while Dolce Rosa Excelsa wraps the fragrance of the rare African Dog rose, used for the first time in a scent by Dolce&Gabbana, in a rich Turkish rose absolute.

Together with Chiara Scelsi, Giulia Maenza and He Cong join the family to incarnate respectively Dolce and Dolce Rosa Excelsa. Each of the models embodies the Dolce girl: her free mindset, cravings for fun and experiences with a deep attachment to family and traditions.



  1. Hi there! Such a wonderful article, thanks!

  2. Hi there! Such a good article, thanks!

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