A chic love letter to the nostalgia of travel memories from the past, diptyque’s Eau Nabati is a reminiscent journey of a lush summer garden glimpsed in dreams, welcoming the wearer into a sensorial experience of Arabian culture. Opening with a burst of citrusy bergamot and the fresh, green scent of petitgrain, balanced by the rich aroma of amber and the sweet scent of Balsam. As the fragrance develops on the skin, it becomes more complex and multifaceted, revealing new layers of scent that are both captivating and intriguing.

A salute to the luxuriant gardens of nature, be it wild or tamed, Eau Nabati is composed of dearly cherished raw materials from the Maison’s olfactory creations. Diptyque captures the essence of nature and the Mediterranean coast. Inspired by the scent of a lush garden filled with aromatic plants, trees and flowers. The Middle East exclusive fragrance is an olfactory translation of an idealized stroll through the very heart of a lush natural setting, miraculous and delicate.

Eau Nabati is an eau de parfum developed by Fabrice Pellegrin and conjures up images of a wondrous oasis in the middle of the vastness of the desert, between hot sand and the welcome freshness of trees and clear water. The striking contrast, suggestive of a mirage, is made possible by the compositional balance of amber. The fresh, green qualities of bergamot, here given added zest by petitgrain, are enveloped in notes of immortelle flowers – rounded, warm, and amber, evoking hot desert sands. Hot and cold, united in a single perfume.

Eau Nabati is available in diptyque Dubai Mall, Bloomingdales, Yas Mall, Mall of Emirates and Ounass.


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