A good worldly wisdom says that success is not a matter of luck, but a matter of choice. And in the distant 1989 Dinko and Yordan Dinevi made it. When they created the company Dinevi Group, and made the choice to build with power and on a large scale, to impose lofty standards for tourism and business and to conquer peaks after peaks.

They managed to create a transparent and prosperous business. Its success has brought opportunity to contribute in cultural projects. Dinevi Group’s visionaries Dinko and Yordan Dinevi and Daniela Nedelcheva, who curates and develops all social and cultural initiatives by Dinevi Group, see the value of deeper cultural engagement and being connected to the community. We spoke with Daniela Nedelcheva during the 3d edition of Summer Fashion Weekend 2021 at Marina Dinevi.

Marina Dinevi in Sveti Vlas became a world-class catwalk for Summer Fashion Weekend in the third time. Why it is important for Dinevi Group to support fashion industry?

First of all, I would like to thank my partner in Summer Fashion Weekend – Codefashion TV and Maria Boneva.

Marina Dinevi is a partner and a host of a broad mix of artistic, entertainment, cultural and sport activities and is recognized for having a unique atmosphere and identity. The event calendar begins with the Television Journalism Awards “Sveti Vlas”, continues with Premium Rally Sofia – Sveti Vlas, by tradition we are a host of the international Regatta Cor Caroli. In the beginning of this summer season, we have organized also a July Morning concert on the beach, and a spectacular White Yacht Party. Of course, Summer Fashion Weekend is “crème de la crème”.

In 2004 the Dinevi Group established the ‘Bulgarian Memory Foundation – Dinevi Brothers’ which goal is: to create, restore and maintain monuments related to the heroic past of Bulgaria, and to research and popularize the Bulgarian history and the Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage

As today’s business landscape continues to shift, companies need talent that can respond to an ever-changing world. The role of cultural projects, arts or fashion within Dinevi Group can be interpreted as a catalyst, a lever, and a trigger to support and drive our business in new realities of XXI century, to increase its potential and latent energy.

What’s the most rewarding part of being a part of this event each year?

Watching the fashion show after all the efforts of the whole team. This event attended by talented designers and young creative people energies guests with positive vibes for a year ahead!

What are the success criteria for a fashion show from your perspective?

A highly professional organization and the participation of great designers. That’s how we create an environment that motivates and charges with positive energy.

What are your hopes for the future of Summer Fashion Weekend and the fashion industry in Bulgaria as a whole?

I hope that in Bulgaria young designers are going to have the possibility to develop their art and show it on the catwalk of Summer Fashion Weekend.

Who are some of your favorite designers, stylists, models, etc.?

I am seeking to be stylish by embracing classic fashion trends. My priority is what looks good on me and expresses a bit of my personality. Talking about models I follow Izabel Goulard because of her positive vibes in the social media, I also admire the beauty of Arina Bernardini, Madalina Ghenea.

How do you think the fashion industry can improve?

I wish that this industry becomes more devoted to sustainability rather than to “fast fashion”. Sustainable trends changing not only the face of the fashion industry. It has always been integral to Dinevi Group’s development. For example, Marina Dinevi Yacht Port is a longtime participant in the Blue Flag program of the International Foundation for Environmental Education. It corresponds to all criteria of a modern high technological facility, that gives a positive outcome for the Black Sea ecosystem.

Venid Eco Village is another sustainable development from Dinevi Group. All materials used in construction are environmentally friendly with high class ecological certification, and the appearance of the complex is in harmony with the surrounding woodland

Dinevi Group is well-known for its cultural foundation and support of arts. Tell us more about it. What ideas are behind these initiatives? What other projects are on pipeline?

Dinevi Group set the goal to develop a cultural, heritage and historical tourism in the resort and invests in the appropriate infrastructure and facilities. Amphitheatre Arena has become one of the most popular summer scenes in Bulgaria and is a host of the best theatre and musical shows.

I would like to highlight also some cultural-historical monuments in Dinevi Resort – The Path of the Faith, The Path of the People, The Wall of the Olympic Glory, and more projects, initiated by the “Bulgarian Memory Foundation – Dinevi Brothers”.


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