On the occasion of the 2023 Geneva Watch Days, De Bethune unveils the new DB28XP Kind of Blue. The independent watchmaker is proud to announce the latest addition to its collection of iconic timepieces. This new creation is the result of the union between the proven elegance of the DB28XP and the timeless charm of the DB28 Kind of Blue, offering watch enthusiasts an exceptional piece that harmoniously combines tradition and innovation.

Blending the timeless elegance of the DB28XP with the captivating charm of the DB28 Kind of Blue to create the new DB28XP Kind of Blue, an exceptional timepiece that embodies the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. A limited edition of 25 pieces.

A natural evolution of excellence

The DB28XP Kind of Blue is the natural evolution of two iconic models from De Bethune: the DB28XP and the DB28 Kind of Blue. It embodies the best of both worlds by combining the sleek design and refinement of the DB28XP with a completely blue look, inspired by the DB28 Kind of Blue and bearing the Manufacture’s signature.”

A captivating dial

Here, it’s all about levels of interpretation, reliefs, and the interplay of light with shadows and reflections. Crafted from blued titanium, the watch reveals an architectural fusion of space, time, and light at first glance. Its deep and luminous blue is achieved through the natural oxidation of the material, making each watch a unique work of art.

The dial, entirely made of Microlight, reimagines and modernizes traditional guilloché technique. On its expansive flat surface, this technique gains new meaning and enhances the structure. By playing with shadow and light, it adds depth and delivers a more architectural and dynamic result. The overall effect becomes more contemporary.

Ultra-thin according to De Bethune

De Bethune opened a chapter in the world of ultra-thin watches in 2020 with the launch of the DB28XP, celebrating ten years of mechanical and aesthetic research and work. In his pursuit of an ultra-thin timepiece, Denis Flageollet envisioned it as both a technical and aesthetic challenge—the complexity of slimness, an adventure that demands precision and harmony between design and constraints. As if by fate, the DB28XP has now become an embodiment of beauty, an elegance that epitomizes purity in its most absolute form.

Located in L’Auberson, in the Canton of Vaud, the De Bethune watch Manufacture is above all a research and development facility, an atelier working with cutting-edge technologies, albeit in the spirit of the great 18th century master-watchmakers. This naturally involves designing and crafting all components individually, while paying meticulous attention to even the slightest details. Not doing more, but instead doing better; drawing inspiration from the past and perpetually reinventing it; building bridges with all fields of knowledge: such are the principles driving the elaboration of De Bethune’s mechanisms and artistic criteria. The quest for perfection and beauty guides the work of the master-watchmakers as they patiently craft exceptional timepieces. The pure style, taut lines and slenderness of the cases represent the inimitable hallmark of De Bethune creations.


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