Not sure what the difference is between a Flat White and a Cortado? Coffee Planet’s primer will tell you all you need to know about the different types of coffee drinks.  Coffee Planet embarked on its journey in 2005, when the local coffee landscape in the UAE was very different from what you see now.

With the goal to bring the finest Arabica coffee from across the globe to the masses, the brand set out to find who was growing the best quality beans, how they were harvesting them and how we could develop its own signature blends.

The Espresso

Comprised of a single shot of highly concentrated coffee that you can enjoy in a few gulps. It’s small, intense and the best way to get caffeine into your system whilst giving you an incredible taste of the beans. Coffee Planet have some of the best available since they’re roasted on Dubai soil and sourced from over 20 farms around the globe.

The Americano

A simple, honest and straightforward style of coffee that consists of nothing but a strong espresso base and hot water. Interesting fact: the name is thought to have originated during World War II after American soldiers were forced to water down their Espressos to make their rations last longer.

The Latte

A very popular drink made with Espresso and steamed milk. Silky and smooth, the Latte is the default coffee drink for many, often topped with a layer of cloudy froth. This one is for the milky coffee fans.

The Cortado

This Spanish-style coffee contains equal amount Espresso and steamed milk to work in happy harmony. A short drink where you can taste the flavour and aroma of coffee beans with a touch of milk to give a nice balance.

The Flat White

An Antipodean born and bred coffee drink that consists of a generous amount of Espresso topped with lashings of microfoam. Less milk than a latte and more froth than a Cortado, this popular drink has a rich and velvety taste.

The Cappuccino

This multilayered coffee drink is composed of a single espresso, microfoam and steamed milk. Smaller in size than a latte with a thicker consistency, Cappuccinos are perfectly paired with a pastry from the Coffee Planet cafes.


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