Attached to a renovated banya (public baths) complex in Saint Petersburg, Russia,, Banshiki restaurant is currently the place to sample nostalgic Russian fare at affordable prices. Everything is made in-house, from its refreshing kvas (fermented rye bread water) to dried meats and eight types of smoked fish. Don’t overlook cherry vareniki (dumplings) with sour cream, oxtail ragout or the rich borsch.

Banshiki restaurant is situated on Degtyarnaya street and shares the building with Degtyarnie Bani (Degtyarnie steamrooms). Its interior and menu create the atmosphere of a cozy countryhouse – and one can hardly find a Russian countryhouse without a steam bath. The restaurant is a bit lost in the central district of Saint Petersburg, next to a traditional bath and spa place. It is worth searching for as the food is wonderful. It are mainly traditional recipes but revisited with a modern touch. Dishes are presented like in a starred restaurant. Not only do they look good, but they taste fantastic.

The restaurant’s concept is based on dear to everyone in St. Petersburg Russian cuisine, reconsidered by the Banshiki’s team. Our chef Stanislav Levokho combines home feast traditions with modern technologies, and plate service shows new sides of classical dishes. Banschiki is a place where nostalgia of Russian food mixes with new and innovative cooking methods. All meat smoking, bread baking, vegetable pickling and pelmeni making is done in house. While some dishes stay true to their original recipes, other beloved classics get a new and exciting twist (think vareniki with suluguni cheese, cottage cheese and herbs or blini with venison and cowberry jam) from chef Stanislav Levokho. Natural materials and warm colors give the sense of being in a real Leningrad dacha without leaving the city center.

The restaurant perfectly suits for a family feast, as well as for a business lunch but you don’t need a special occasion to drop by. 1st floor’s atmospheric space, 2nd floor’s solemn room, spacious kids’ room, and intimate cabinet with large “family” table will make anyone feel comfortable here. Not mastering Russian is not an issue, as they have an English menu, with even very nice pictures of some suggested meals. Should you still hesitate, the staff is bilingual.

Location: Degtyarnaya Ulitsa, 1A, St Petersburg, Russia. Phone: +7 812 9411744

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