To celebrate SLS Dubai Hotel’s first birthday, the hotel is welcoming an art exhibition displaying outstanding works of art by Culinary Director, Chef Cláudio Cardoso who has partnered with his wife, actress and architect, Sarah Barlondo. As part of the hotel’s first birthday celebrations, Chef Cláudio Cardoso and Sarah Barlondo have teamed up to re-imagine the iconic SLS duck, with an all-new design as the hotel enters its second year of operation.

The dynamic duo are behind not only the re-imagined SLS duck but the entire collection, which is now on display in the hotel. A true representation of the talent at SLS Dubai, the multi-talented Chef brings a personal touch to the new artistic display in the hotel, bringing his creativity from the kitchens to the hallways of the hotel.

 The re-imagined SLS duck will be taking centre stage on the 75th Floor by the Privilege pool. The duck is only the beginning, as guests will be treated to multiple pieces from Chef Cláudio and Sarah Barlondo’s collection which will be scattered throughout the hotel.

 Perfectly paired with SLS Dubai’s fun, playful and stylish character, guests can enjoy a mixture of multimedia works, including modern prints and sculptures which are designed to raise awareness of world events in a playful, yet thought-provoking way. Bold and daring the pieces will capture imaginations and inspire guests as they explore the hotel, discovering new pieces on every level.

The studio behind the exhibition is One Dollar, an art and creative studio based in Dubai and London. Founded by Sarah Barlondo and Claudio Cardoso, the creative pair aims to raise awareness about the planet’s current and recurrent issues through art, film, photography and multi-media works. “The World has Gone Bananas” is a reflection on society and humanity.” Sarah Barlondo and Claudio Cardoso comment, “the works on display touch subjects such as climate change, food production and the environment, love, political crisis, poverty, and education in the hopes to raise awareness in a playful and visually attractive way.” Each piece in the collection is made from recycled and re-purposed materials making every single piece unique, while the paint used is sustainable and water-based, ensuring that it does not produce harmful fumes.

As well as championing sustainability both Chef Cláudio and Sarah will be supporting charities that are close to their hearts, donating between 10-40% of the profiles to their chosen causes. Chef Cláudio will be supporting Cool Earth, patroned by Dame Vivienne Westwood the charity works to protect the Amazon Rainforest and find solutions for the climate crisis, while Sarah will be supporting Road Peace. Road Peace works to support individuals who have been injured or affected by road accidents.

Guests will be treated to surprises at every turn as they discover pieces on display that include ‘The World Has Gone Bananas’ and ‘King and Queen of Broken Arts’. Created by both Chef Cláudio and Sarah Barlondo the exhibition features larger multimedia pieces, which will feature throughout the hotel as well as smaller prints and intricate sculptures. Each piece will have a QR code, which will enable guests to scan and find out more about the piece and the price, if they are interested in purchasing any of the unique works of art on display. Guests can visit SLS Dubai from the 13th of March to see the pieces first hand, and select pieces will be available for sale.


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