Karak Chai is an essential facet of the local culture as it encourages gathering and socialising. For most, Karak Chai is not just about a hot cup of strong, sweet tea. It’s an emotion not to be taken lightly and one that represents the multicultural roots of the UAE. The ritual of enjoying a cup of tea with friends and family at any time of the day cannot be understated.

This National Day, homegrown brands Rove Hotels and Project Chaiwala are aiming to celebrate this unique culture in the UAE and to recognise the importance of Chai in the local community. For that reason, both brands are partnering to launch several initiatives with the objective of introducing this often unknown but very authentic local staple to visitors.

Taking place over the National Day holidays, Rove Hotels, in collaboration with Project Chaiwala and Frying Pan Adventures, the pioneers in food and walking tours in Dubai, will be launching “UAE National Day Food & Chai Tour” in Old Dubai. Rovers (guests) will enjoy a unique experience specially curated to rediscover the city’s roots through a Karak Chai tour exploring the hidden gems that have served this cultural delight and street food for decades.

Those joining the tour will be able to experience a  hour experience, starting at Rove City Centre, where they’ll enjoy a cup of steaming hot karak brewed by Project Chaiwala, and then leaving the hotel to explore some of the more unknown spots in the city with Frying Pan Adventures. Tours will take place on 3rd of December and will have a cost of AED 125 per person. To book your place on this limited edition tour visit www.fryingpanadventures.com.

Further celebrating this partnership, both brands are also collaborating to introduce the popular local staple to visitors from across the globe at Rove locations across Dubai. Special Karak brewing stations will be activated throughout the month of December, giving guests the opportunity to taste freshly brewed chai made in the traditional manner by the talented chaiwalas.  Ahmed Kazim, co-founder of Project Chaiwala highlighted “ As an Emarati, for me this collaboration between three homegrown brands is the true essence of the UAE spirit and what better way to celebrate National Day than with a cup of freshly brewed Karak”

Paul Bridger of Rove Hotels commented, “As a homegrown brand born in the UAE, Rove Hotels understands the importance of celebrating the traditions of the country we call home. By partnering with Project Chaiwala, it gives us the chance to provide our Rovers with a little slice of culture and an insight into the fascinating history of this great nation. Our ethos is firmly rooted in bringing people together and Karak Chai is the perfect way to do so. Much more than just a cup of tea, it is a chance to converse and socialise over a delicious drink and to celebrate traditions that have been around for many years before now.”

Project Chaiwala is a community-inspired homegrown tea concept that was founded in 2017. Bringing a nostalgic charm and traditional recipes to a modernly designed Dubai Café, Project Chaiwala celebrates the Chai culture daily. Sticking true to the roots of UAE society, it is a modern twist on a practice steeped in tradition.

Price: AED 125 per person. Book here.



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