Take a look at Fabergé’s Colours of Love ring in celebration of the August birthstone (actually, one of three birth stone’s for this month) the Peridot. Sometimes known as the ‘evening emerald’ since it glows with intensity under light, it is a symbol of health and protection, particularly in matters of love.

The Peridot is also associated with prosperity and good fortune, it is widely believed that the word ‘Peridot’ is rooted from the Greek word ‘Peridona’ which means ‘giving plenty’.

This Colours of Love Sterling Silver Peridot Fluted Ring features an oval 8x6mm peridot centre gemstone set in fluted sterling silver and adorned with 2 brilliant cut white diamonds. In keeping with its fondness for delight, surprise and discovery, Fabergé has concealed a Mozambican ruby on the inside of the band.

The Colours of Love Collection exemplifies ‘A Life in Colour’, seamlessly fusing extraordinary coloured gemstones, artistic ingenuity and exceptional craftsmanship.The collection features Mozambican rubies and Zambian emeralds from Gemfields’ mines.

Gemfields work with local communities, governments and conservation NGOs to ensure every gemstone sold supports health, education and livelihood initiatives, minimises effects on our environment and protects Africa’s biodiversity.

The Colours of Love collection also uses metals comprising Peruvian mined gold ore which contain no mercury, therefore making these environmentally sustainable and guaranteeing complete traceability across the supply chain.

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