A celebration of living, Cafe Society is the perfect place to dine in style, grab a bite, eat solo or unwind with friends in luxurious settings. One of the finest restaurants in Dubai Marina, Café Society is the city’s most sought after venue that combines art deco glamour with artistic expression. Located in the beautiful neighborhood, this restaurant in Dubai Marina is a throwback to the golden years of socializing.

Café Society is a beautiful new homegrown restaurant located in the promenades of Dubai Marina which offers dining experiences reminiscent of 1920’s – the golden years of socializing. Inspired heavily by the bistro culture of the 1920’s, the restaurant prides itself in its art deco architecture, love for artistic expression and high quality menu.

Café Society is a sophisticated and friendly place where artists, creative people, writers, poets, fashionistas, celebrities and influencers meet to drink coffee and sample different food and desserts. From the glamorous art of socializing to the expression of the creative mind, Café Society is a modern reflection of the golden age. From inspiring artists to connecting fashionable society, indulge your senses and let the hours pass like seconds.

A fine dining restaurant in Dubai Marina, carrying a signature menu of social cuisines and artistic culinary flavors. Discover the perfect space to socialize in a creative setting imbued in luxury and exemplary service. Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner – discover dining in style, grabbing a bite on the go from the restaurant’s boulangerie or even unwind with friends in its luxurious settings. They have recently launched home delivery which bears the promise to deliver to your location no matter where in Dubai. 

Location: Tamani Marina Hotel. Open daily from 9.00am till 11.00pm. For Reservations, Event Bookings, Takeaway, Delivery & Bakery 04 318 3755 or email info@cafesociety.ae

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