Bulgari unveils the new Serpenteyes Eyewear Campaign, a modern play of seduction starred by the magnetic beauty of Bella Hadid. Captured by the lenses of fashion photographer Theo Wenner, the 21-years-old IT girl and supermodel poses with Bulgari’s iconic Serpenteyes sunglasses against an unmistakable roman backdrop that fills the set with solar joy and liveliness.

The timeless atmosphere is rocked by a modern update, with three different moods beating through the Roman city vibes: from girlish and fresh, to charismatically fierce, up to irresistibly sensual – every style mirrors a different shade of Serpenti’s power of attraction. With ultra-flat round-shaped lenses contrasted by an edgy frame evoking the hexagonal scales of the snake, the new eyewear collection is seductive and striking in just one glimpse.

In addition to the campaign images, Theo Wenner also directed three mini film interpreting the three moods: the catwalk queen plays a game of seduction with the powerful grace and the youthful spirit that distinguishes her. She captures and hypnotizes the camera, with a magnetic gaze meant to conquer forever.

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