At a time of historical transition, the relationship between classic and contemporary deepens, creating a new equilibrium between the functional and the visionary, the reassuring and the innovative.

The collection is built around the idea of a “female explorer”. The highest-quality materials, artisanal workmanship and the refined, elegant, luxurious and discreet style that is distinctive to Brunello Cucinelli reinterprets functional components and inspiration from nautical and adventurer uniforms. Principles of authenticity, uniqueness and longevity provide reference coordinates that instil understated luxury and precious subtleties into each element.

Colours. Heritage and Intensity

Colour is fully centred on the distinctive heritage of Brunello Cucinelli beiges: from warm nuances to slightly greyed variants, the wide range of beiges is punctuated by the graphic touches of black, an intense and assured black that defines new harmonies in alternation with mirrored surfaces and metallic brushstrokes.

Earth tones diffused across nautical or explorer-inspired elements and in garments dedicated to the most elegant occasions represent a clear and reassuring reference point across an eclectic and dynamic collection. A series of delicate pastel tones complement impressions gathered on the journey: lavender, sage, water and rose alternate with natural whites to complete the mapping of the terrains of sophisticated femininity.

Overview. Tailoring Exploration

Craftsmanship’s cultural patrimony is the starting point for exploring proposals that are as innovative as they are everyday, traversing a rich interplay of references to the classics with a desire to establish new, dynamic and effortless style. The bohemian feel of the imperfect and therefore unique manual workmanship balances out the orderly elegance of masculine tailoring.

The collection develops in a versatile, relaxed and easy-going manner, centred on the idea of ‘fluid tailoring’, even for the most important occasions. A sartorial approach and feminine characteristics are crossed with dynamic and informal elements thanks to designs and accessories gathered whilst exploring new landscapes of femininity: stripes, rope details and nautical-inspired hats alternate with utility pockets, vegetable fibres and nuances reminiscent of the uniforms of explorers of yesteryear.

Materials. Couture Knitwear & Precious Textures

Knitwear, the beating heart of the brand, has been developed as true Couture Knitwear, as an expression of a very high level of artisanship that is capable of creating unprecedented, rare and iconic effects. Thanks to new handwork, to the transparencies of lace and net effects, and to dazzling rustic surfaces, knitwear represents a feminine and contemporary element that balances out the sartorial foundations of the collection.

Inspired by the shapes of ramage or marine vegetation, stylized patterns translate into prints, textured embroidery or crochet stitches, intensifying the levels of artisanship and deepening three-dimensional and transparent effects. Masculine tailoring and references to the world of travel are softened by the use of fluid, sensual fabrics that caress the female body to create a seductive and relaxed silhouette.

New Matching Sets. Twin wear

As an extension of the season’s proposal, the new Twin Wear category takes on an identity of its own, offering a casual yet feminine and refined alternative to dresses, jumpsuits and suits. Cotton organza, poplin, linen, suede, knit and jersey, Twin Wear interprets the desire to “wear in pairs”, releasing us from the usual parameters and embracing freer and unprecedented concepts.

Tops with skirts, shirts with trousers, waistcoats paired with Bermuda shorts or longer skirts: Twin Wear offers new solutions for everyday wear as well as for the most refined appointments. Worn individually, the garments that make up Twin Wear offer the possibility of multiplying combinations and infusing even more versatility, contemporaneity and longevity into the wardrobe.

Trousers & Skirts. Sartorial Glamour

Trousers with soft silhouettes harmoniously blend sartorial and utility elements to create glamorous, sensual and versatile styles for all occasions. Carpenter or explorer details enrich fluid satins, which are no longer intended solely for eveningwear, as well as sparkling lamé linens. References to the masculine sphere, such as darts and braces, take on an exquisitely feminine allure thanks to precious materials and embellishments, while slouchy multi-pocket trousers cross paths with refined embroidery.

Designed with Twin Wear in mind, full-volume skirts coordinate with tops for combination styling in parallel with the range of matching sets. The feminine, flowing lines of column or mini pleated skirts coordinate with blazers, while utility and explorer details on techno cotton and taffeta garments, worn with simple T-shirts or over shirts, lend charm to minimal styling.

Event Dressing. Audacious Femininity

Twin Wear proposals and a glamourous spirit also pervade the event dressing selection: the ultimate expression of prestigious materials, craftsmanship and tailoring. Blazers and trousers covered in sequins or dazzling embroidery become perfect for creating a modern and seductive flavour, always with nonchalance and dynamic balance. Floral embroidery on silk organza and crisp poplin enriches skirts for special occasions in the city or on vacation.

Accessories. Pure Artisanal Shapes

Refined craftsmanship strikes a balance between contemporary freshness and timeless taste, enhancing the pure and minimalist lines of the accessories and emphasising the collection’s neutral colours. The allure of sophisticated knitting techniques also permeates everyday accessories thanks to summery yarns and crochet. Embroidery and special textures elevate unusual materials: nappa leathers with broderie anglaise-style embroidery, ajour work and dazzling surface effects reminiscent of desert landscapes.


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