When they told me they are changing the way people buy shirts, I did not quite understand what Bombay Shirt Company team meant. I then did a trial shirt and suddenly the difference was clear – 5 key reasons to shift to Bombay Shirt Company. Launched in 2012, Bombay Shirt Company is the first online custom shirt brand in India and was introduced in GCC through their Dubai store in DIFC in 2017. The company is on a mission to disrupt and modernize the way people buy shirts. Marrying contemporary product design and technology with old school tailoring techniques, Bombay Shirt Company brings customers a seamless shirt-buying experience to produce a high quality yet affordable product. Bombay Shirt Company’s young and energetic team comprises fabric specialists, fashion stylists, data scientists, innovative tech geeks, creative marketers and customer service genies.

Reason #1: Never compromise on the ‘fit’ of the shirt

The ‘fit’ of a shirt has the most impact on the look or personality. Quite often I see people struggling with the shirt fitting of readymade brands – for example, sleeves too long or shoulders drooping. Bombay Shirt Company has perfected their shirt ‘fit’ beautifully whether you order online or in store. In the store, their master tailor does it and if you order online, it is with their ‘FitSmart’ algorithm. They guarantee a perfect fit till you are satisfied. For me, I could clearly notice the difference when I got my shirt.

Reason #2: No need to hunt for the perfect shirt in stores when you can design your own

No man loves going from store to store in a hunt for great shirts. Bombay Shirts technology is making the search for that perfect shirt redundant by giving you the power to design your own. In simple powerful steps. Their stylist will skillfully guide you through a shirt designing process and make it simple and fun for you. If you are ordering online, their shirt design tool is simply the best. Choose your fabric, collar, cuff, front, back, monogram, placket, buttons, threads or select the standard ones. And their online ‘augmented reality’ tool instantly shows see how your shirt will look. Coolest thing I have seen.

Reason #3: World class fabrics

They have a wide range of fabrics, sourced from the finest mills around the world. Whether you want great Indian textiles, fine Egyptian cotton or high end fabric from mills such as Thomas Mason, Vaughan&Pickett, Japanese, Soktas they have it all. With over 1,000 fabrics or solids, checks, stripes, linens, prints and many textures to choose from in store, you’ll find your colour and pattern.

Reason #4: Who said custom made needs to be expensive?

With prices starting from AED 195 onwards, inclusive of all customizations, these turn out to be better than most high end brands or even good tailors. If you order online, this is a net home delivered price. What more can you ask for?

Reason #5: Order from comfort of your home

Time is scarce and you’ve got more fun things to do. So order from the comfort of your home either with website or the travelling stylist visiting your home with the fabrics. It is way faster than mall walking trying to find that great shirt. Although some of us do want to feel the fabric, in which case a visit to the store is worthwhile and yet fast.

I learnt something new – that small quirks make a difference. People unconsciously notice the small things in the design of your shirt. Like the monogram, or the contrast fabric inside your collar that even makes a plain blue office shirt look uniquely yours. It is like a tattoo – you’ll be known for your quirkiness of the shirt.

I also realized, with Bombay Shirts, designing shirts is fun.  No – you don’t need to be a designer. Yes, you will love it that you designed your own shirt. You’ve tried customizing your pizza, sandwich and home furniture. Time we took our shirt in our own hands. In a world that is getting lost in brands, Bombay Shirts offers a unique ‘design your own’ proposition with great fabrics and perfect fit. They are indeed changing the way people buy shirts.

Bombay Shirt Company, Dubai, has launched corporate collaborations wherein they offer exclusive discount deals for companies and their employees on top of free styling consultations. These exclusive discount deals can be activated both in their Dubai store or online. So if you are in HR admin or employee engagement, reach out to Bombay Shirt Company, Dubai, and get your company collaboration going with exclusive offers for your employees.

With multiple stores across India, Dubai and New York, Bombay Shirt Company provides a luxury shirts experience while disproving the notion that custom-made means expensive. With their ‘design your own shirt’ offering supported by styling consultations and a smarter fit guarantee, they are changing the way people buy shirts. Try it out at their Dubai store in Central Park Towers, DIFC that is open all days of the week or checkout online.

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