Atelier NA is the first brand to offer luxurious made-to-measure suits, created through an innovative tailoring process which encompasses the use of 3D body scanning technology. The brand concept features a neoteric concept which rewrites the traditional practice of bespoke tailoring. Offering a multitude of suiting options and specialized styling consultants in addition to utilizing a unique method of measurement, Atelier NA provides consumers with a shopping experience that is unmatched. With roots in French heritage, Atelier NA has expanded operations across the country, and has also established multiple stores in Belgium and Switzerland.


Atelier NA ist the first brand formade to measure suits and made to measure shirts. A unique 3D body scanning technology digitally rebuilds the body in less than one second. Atelier NA produces all of the made to measure suits and made to measure shirts in its own Atelier since 2011.

From a made to measure suit for weddings to a made to measure smoking, a three piece suit or simply a made to measure linen shirt . Atelier NA offers the possibility to create a whole personalised made to measure wardrobe for men. Our team of style consultants are at the service of the clients in order to guide them through the options and advise them according to their wishes and needs.


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