An unprecedented concept, Bee Glow by Guerlain shakes up the codes of beauty, delivering exceptional hydration and a “wet-look” eff ect that captures light to restore the volume of the f ace and resculpt it. A Skincare Cream and Skin Enhancer in one, Bee Glow offers women the promise of youthful-looking radiance.

Nowadays, their Holy Grail is “honey glow skin”, i.e. skin that is as smooth and luminous as honey. Taking its inspiration from this trend, Guerlain has created Bee Glow, a fluid offering optimal hydration that combines unprecedented benefits for a Guerlain product. While targeting wrinkles and fine lines, it offers a shiny, “wet-look” effect that highlights facial volumes. Skin is perfectly smooth and captures natural light. This light restructures the face, which appears rejuvenated and radiates a real glow.

An anti-ageing and skin-enhancing fluid in one, Bee Glow is a hybrid concept that shakes up the codes of beauty, delivering benefits that have never before been combined in a Guerlain product.

Bee Glow is an ultra-fresh multi-purpose product that pairs sensory pleasure with total freedom. It offers a hydrating benefit, but also plays the role of finisher, enhancing skin for those who do not wish to wear make-up. It also serves as a base and illuminates the face before make-up. A little touch of Bee Glow after applying Terracotta powder creates a more natural finish.

The fruit of long months of research, this fluid hydrates and strengthens the epidermis. It recreates an optimal skin barrier, which provides protection from external aggressors, thereby limiting skin dryness. Hour after hour, your face remains perfectly firm and radiant. This glow is achieved thanks to another technological feat: Bee Glow incorporates a new generation of pearl micro-particles into its composition, which reflect light while remaining totally invisible and avoiding excess shine.

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