When he founded Lancôme, Armand Petitjean surrounded himself with talented artists so that he could meld the House’s cosmetics expertise with the best artistic know-how of the day. In the tradition of this spirit of collaboration between art and craft, in 2017 Lancôme decided to offer women the choice of two exceptionally beautiful presentation coffrets: the Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Elixir Art Limited Editions.

Ultimate Luxury: Art Edition by Ateliers Gohard

World-renowned for its expertise in gold and gilding, Ateliers Gohard enthusiastically embodies the rebirth of the French artisanal tradition which embraces the new while remaining firmly rooted in a long and brilliant history.

Founded in Paris in 1962, the family business became famous for its part in the renovation of prestigious historic sites such as the Palace of Versailles, the Dome of the Invalides building, the Rio Municipal Theatre and the Statue of Liberty.

As a symbol of ultimate luxury, Ateliers Gohard created the limited edition 23-carat gold case for Absolue L’Extrait. Each of the 100 numbered limited edition coffrets and jars have been crafted and gilded by hand.

This technique, exclusive to the Ateliers Gohard, made it possible to methodically cover each jar and gift box with fine gold leaf by the expert and confident hand of their artisans. The refined colour is achieved with the use of Moon Gold, a blend of palladium and pure yellow gold.

As the ultimate extra touch for our female customers, the two-tier design of the Art limited edition means it can also be used as a jewellery box. As heavy as a real treasure chest, glinting like an alchemist’s wild Ultimate Elixir nestled majestically atop a bed of the blackest velvet.

 Bold and Modern: Art Edition by Alex & Marine

United by their passion for design, Alex & Marine are two French artists who despite their young age have already been widely recognized in the world of fashion and design. These “wall tattoo artists”, who have met in a prestigious Parisian art school, create spectacular frescoes based on a major and inexhaustible source of inspiration: nature.

For the Absolue L’Extrait project, Alex & Marine designed a limited-edition coffret and a jar that showcase their artistic vision and breathes a free and elegant femininity with more than a hint of French style.

In the hands of this unique duo, the iconic Lancôme Rose reveals yet another facet of its natural and hypnotic beauty. Reinterpreted in a style both delicate and abstract, the Rose displays its strong, current and timeless personality.

Extreme tactile textures. Delicately refined fragrances. The elegant choreography of application… Absolue L’Extrait wants to give every woman the chance to get lost in the moment, to fully savour these supremely luxurious creations by Lancôme, and to indulge in a ritual that is both unforgettable and uniquely hers.


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