The Dubai-based real estate brokerage “W Capital” announced the winner of their second draw, with a value of Dhs100,000, which was won by Emirati national, Amani Mubarak Abdullah. The draw is the first in 2023 and the second in a row among 3 draws organized by W Capital  with the aim of stimulating real estate sales mediated by the company.

“W Capital” CEO Waleed Al zarooni, said that the draw is the second among 3 draws that began in early December 2022 and to take  six months,  with two months separating each draw. Al Zarooni stressed the company’s keenness to offer large prizes to the competitors, at a value of Dhs100,000  each time, confirming that the value of the prizes given by “W Capital” real estate brokerage since their establishment until now amounted to Dhs1.7 million.

He explained that the participants in the draw purchased a housing unit through W Capital, and received a coupon for every Dhs100,000  paid, and the higher the value, the greater the number of coupons. For example, whoever bought a unit worth one million dirhams will receive 10 coupons.

The CEO stated that the customer has the right to participate in the three draws, including the chances of winning for everyone, stressing that there is an additional opportunity to participate in the next draw after two months.

Al Zarooni stressed that W Capital will continue their attractive promotions while providing the best services to customers, to enhance their position in the Dubai real estate market , pointing out that the Dubai real estate market is full of many attractive investment opportunities that give good returns  with ratios among the best in the world.

Al Zarooni explained that “W Capital” real estate brokerage deals with more than 70 of the largest real estate developers in the UAE, pointing to their best real estate brokerage practices and providing the best possible service to customers and gaining their trust.

The CEO emphasized compliance with all the requirements of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, which are required to organize such withdrawals, amid high levels of transparency while achieving equality for all customers who meet the conditions.

Waleed Al Zarooni believes that these offers and draws are one of the companies’ tools of stimulating real estate sales and attracting customers to increase the purchasing momentum of individuals and companies, while highlighting the attractive investment opportunities available in the market, which is still on an upward trajectory in the medium term.

He revealed that the real estate market show record sales in 2022 and is expected to continue its positive performance in 2023, benefiting from the economic activity in the emirate, the incentives and facilities provided to attract investors and the ease of granting visas and citizenship.

W Capital had previously organized draws worth Dhs1.5 million , which included prizes like an apartment worth Dhs450,000 , as well as a draw for 3 cars, the value of which was Dhs150,000  each, in addition to 5 prizes with a total value of Dhs500,000.

“W Capital is keen to market and promote the most prominent real estate brands in the UAE and increase options for investors and end users. They also market all real estate categories, starting with projects aimed at middle- and limited-income people, all the way to luxury projects and complexes,” he concluded.

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