Los Angeles brand, Amiri, offers an authentic translation of the Californian lifestyle and a relaxed expression of modern luxury, exclusively at the Mall of Emirates pop-up. The pop-up employs familiar touchpoints found across the brand’s Los Angeles flagship, bringing a West Coast sensibility to Dubai’s Mall of Emirates.

Fluted concrete walls inlaid with minimal, curated walnut layouts offer an elegant and relaxed space for customers to explore the 1,120 square foot interior. The pop-up introduces Amiri’s Pre-Spring 2022 menswear collection – inspired by the foundation of all creative discovery: the workshop. A study of classic American workwear, Amiri delivers a sophisticated interpretation of craft and  artistic experimentation honed in its own L.A. studio.

Amiri’s Pre-Spring 2022 collection stems from the foundation of all creative discovery: the workshop. Through a study of classic American workwear, Amiri delivers a sophisticated interpretation of craft and artistic experimentation honed in the house’s own L.A. studio.

“Traditional formality is undone, instead softer, sophisticated lines are drawn towards a modern formality. Classic suiting codes are reworked and refined within AMIRI’s contemporary visual language, emphasizing a rich interplay of lightness and ease for today and tomorrow. For instance, jackets are deconstructed, and shoulder pads removed, casting a lighter, unstructured silhouette formed in harmony with the body. Imbued with the ease of summer, lightweight trousers with adjustable kick flare expand this freedom, alongside double-breasted jackets recut in relaxed, 3/4 length shapes and rendered in textured satin. In confident brushstrokes of surreal romanticism, exotic reverie is at the core of the collection, embracing natural tones  deep brown, brandy, burnt sienna and forest green as a rich palette to paint from,” notes Amiri team.

Elaborating on Amiri’s womenswear archetypes, Autumn-Winter 22 marks a broadening of the house’s wardrobe guided by utilitarian design codes, hybrid construction and technical craft. Feminine and established, Mike Amiri builds character through volume. Outlined by Amiri’s ubiquitous utility silhouettes, the collection focuses on dynamic shapes and an elevated attitude; recognized by defined, oversized outerwear, relaxed body and wide-leg, cargo flare.

A palette of neutral and earthy tones defines the collection – alabaster, beige, brown, and sage – accented by a season-specific camo print. This tonal color spectrum assembles across a complex textural canvas that bridges the hardy and technical with the soft and sensual: nylon, treated denim, ripstop camo, Terry cotton and shearling find ease alongside jersey, felt wool, boucle and silk.

Applying Amiri’s singular tailoring techniques to everyday garments, everything is elevated. Tapered sweatpants are cut with the precision of suiting, pleated trousers are designed to reflect motion and activity, and twill moleskin cargo pants are juxtaposed with technical nylon. At the base of each look, fitted tank tops rendered in soft leather become new archetypes with precise rigor.

Aligning with Amiri’s West Coast design codes, this season’s suiting encourages the eclectic notion of mixing tailoring with non-traditional elements to create a contemporary formality – worn as elegant eveningwear by night; paired with leather cargo pants or hand-distressed bootcut denim by day.


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