According to the well-known collector and fashion historian, Alexandre Vassiliev, it was in his childhood that he had first discovered his passion for collecting. He passed the history of fashion through the prism of his own life and experience. Well-known stage designer, interior designer, art scientist, fashion historian, author of popular books and essays, excellent lecturer, author and leader of TV shows Alexandre Vassiliev replies to our questions.

In your opinion, fashion only reflects nowadays reality, or can it also predict the development of events and their consequences?

Fashion is a mirror of history and perfectly reflects the economy, politics, culture, religion and art of any particular period. Of course there were designers who anticipated the development of the silhouette, but not politics or economics.

Who would have guessed that our world in the 21st century will be so much affected from an epidemic! Were there any preconditions and “fashionable hints” for this in 2019?

Of course, the fashion in 2019 suffered from decadent degeneration and two extreme trends – an abundance of luxury and brand mania and an abundance of poverty in fashion with ripped jeans and T-shirts.

In our digital word under the influence of the pandemic are you still working on exhibitions in a traditional format or are you planning to go online as well?

So far, I do not plan any online exhibitions, but if life requires me to – I will do it! Currently I have 6 ongoing exhibitions in Europe and in Russia.

What is the alternative to mass and monotony fashion trends offed by majority of modern brands? Is it vintage or secondhand? And what young and little-known brands would you recommend to look at?

I am not much interested in modern clothes and fashion, since I am a brand myself. I change clothes 8 times a day during my TV Show the “Fashionable statement” and I am getting tired of changing clothes. I rarely buy myself new clothes, since I have too many of them!

Please tell us about your brand Alexandre Vassiliev, what do you produce this name?

I don’t launch any clothes. I focus on jewelry, perfumes, handbags, tableware and chocolates.

They say that nothing looks better on a man like a suit does. Do you agree with this?
I think that today men’s suit has moved to the women’s wardrobe forever.

Over the past few years, we were the witnesses of launching men’s makeup lines from Chanel or Tom Ford with foundations, eyebrow pencils, lipsticks. How will this trend develop and will society perceive it?

The society will be indifferent to this news, but a small percentage of men who have previously used women’s makeup will be happy!

Fillers, beauty injections. How do you manage to keep your skin toned and fresh?

I didn’t make any radical changes to my look. The ability of getting aged beautifully is also a great art!

You are travelling a lot with your exhibitions and master classes. What are 3 countries that you remember the most and why?

I really love Italy, France, Georgia. These are cultural countries proud of their heritage and traditions!

You have limited time in a foreign country and you have to choose between a museum and a contemporary art gallery. Which option would you prefer and why?

I don’t visit any modern art galleries and I believe that fine art died in the late 1960s and would never be reborn. Time has gone and video has replaced visual tastes and arts.

What is Alexander Vasiliev’s Top-5 movie list?

There are many and it is difficult to mark out only five. The Casablanca, Ninochka, Barry Lyndon, Out of Africa, Roman Holliday are my top-5 movies.


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