Al Andalusia Courtyard Real Estate Developer, a Dubai-based real estate developer, is to launch its new residential project Maya Townhouse, in the Majan neighborhood in Dubai Land, at a total cost AED 120M.

The event of project launching was held today, Monday, and was attended by Saleh Tabakh, the CEO of Al-Andalus Courtyard Real Estate Developer, and a huge number of the company’s clients.

Maya Townhouse is considered the first project by the Al Andalusia Courtyard Real Estate Developer in the sector of residential properties in Dubai, and its second project generally after the Andalusia Courtyard project, which is deemed new asset for the shopping in Dubai.

The project extends on an area of 70.000 square feet, and consists of 30 luxurious units, and includes villas of three area categories i.e. (one bedroom, 2 and 3 bedrooms) + hall. The project boasts its location amidst green playgrounds & vast areas.

The headquarters of the project exists in a central location in in Dubai Land. The project provides its tenants with accessibility and easy mobility to the landmarks and the major touristic destinations in Dubai, via the main road networks, e.g. Emirates Road, Umm-Suqeim Road and Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Road. Thus, the project is easily connected to all parts of Dubai.

In the context of his comment on the new project, Saleh Tabakh said: “Maya Townhouse boasts global specifications, as it was launched according to strict standards and checks regarding the quality of materials. Thus, assuring the high quality of the project in a manner that provides the tenants with spaces bigger than usual for living, as well as new services and innovative solutions that meet the needs of modern family and keep pace with the current civilizational and urban development witnessed by the UAE”.

“All these indications lead us in the company to harness all our experiences in the property sector to develop projects that meet these abovementioned needs and match the requirements of welfare and modern life”, Tabakh added.

He noted that the project is characterized by a noticeable rise of ceilings, with an entire glass façade to provide nature lighting inside the house.

Maya Townhouse is considered the first personal design by the CEO of Al-Andalus Courtyard Real Estate Developer. Commenting on this, Tabakh said: “The project was designed as the extract of my experience in Dubai’s property market since 2003. The design was inspired by the needs and opinions of clients regarding the provision of vast areas that are wider 20% of the same units in the market, not to mention the adoption of features that match the families, e.g. living rooms and spaces for storage within the kitchens”.

“The design of the project is based on the customization of each villa, including all details, even the interiors and finishing, as the units will be handed over with interiors that match the same levels of 5 star hotels, such as wooden interiors and materials of high quality”, he added.

Tabakh highlighted the fact that guarantees have been assured for each component of the project. For example, the suppliers were selected according to their history and after sale guarantees offered by them. He also noted that extra services will be offered in the project and will focus on the after sale caring for the first time, e.g. caring for elderly, health emergency services, handling the properties while their tenants are absence, and providing a smart security system that are connected to Dubai Police.

“The company currently seeks to invest in the residential projects that need new and distinctive services. The keynote is summarized in developing the projects of untapped opportunities, a matter that brings to the project a benefit and benefit for the interest of developer, tenants and buyers alike”,  Tabakh stated.

“The company aims to focus upon the neighborhoods that are selected by our specialized team. One of the most significant advantages of these neighborhoods is its inclusion of existing projects that have the potential of enhancing and upgrading to increase their market value”, he clarified.

“Our current plan is to identify opportunities in the market to buy new plots within existing project, as the company seeks to develop new projects in Majan neighborhood and Khawaneej Road, let alone accessing Abu Dhabi for the first time, with the goal of expanding its portfolio in 2023”, he advised.

“Al-Andalus Courtyard Real Estate Developer relies upon the management of real estate portfolios, and property development and investment, and it looks forward to provide the investors in the market with property development services, as well as the development of its own and innovative projects”, Tabakh concluded.

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