With its summer essentials, Akillis is launching a brand-new hot retro campaign. Crushing heat and pop colors highlight the iconic collections of the French jewelry brand. Capture, Fatal Attraction, Bang Bang or even LoveTag punctuate the Akillis Summer. Pieces with graphic designs in Gold, Titanium and diamonds to wear all summer long.

Capture is the most singular and graphic expression of Akillis’ biting passion. This shifting symbol of seduction embodies the love battle to better capture, tame and hold on to desire. The unisex BANG BANG and FATAL ATTRACTION collections are aimed at today’s adventurers, eager to inject the codes of romance with a dose of new thrills.

The goal of life that we achieve with conviction and righteousness without ever failing. Evocative collections of adrenaline that seduce men and women, in search of an original design, capable of expressing their love for life in a different way.

Caroline Gaspard is capturing the thunderbolt of love at first sight, a flash of feeling that strikes without warning for an intense rush of adrenaline!  She has created Lovetag, a line of hearts and army tags featuring the outline of a graphic lightning bolt to enliven these classic jewelry shapes.



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