Renowned for its commitment to luxury and sensory indulgence, Aesop showcases its fragrances where the joy of wearing them mirrors the delight of crafting each unique scent. These olfactory creations gracefully belong to one, and occasionally two, of the following fragrance families: floral, fresh, woody, and opulent. Explore its aromatic offerings and discover the pleasure carefully woven into every bottle, inviting you to embrace the essence of each iconic scent.


A beguiling fragrance with bright opening notes that develop into deep spice, damp earth and dry woods.


Opening with accords of spice, this fragrance unfurls rousing florals: sweet Orange Flower, warm Jasmine Sambac and an earthy blend of Iris and Patchouli.


The sixth and final fragrance in the Othertopias collection and based on the concept of ‘The Monolithâ, Ouranon is a contemplation of relics and ritual, persistence and change.


A crisp and captivating fragrance with Yuzu-inspired citrus notes, green accords of Basil and spicy undertones. Suited to all genders.


An intriguing fragrance with green, earthy accords, and a warm and woody heart. Suited to all genders.


A floral fragrance that is undeniably Rose, with vibrant Shiso accords, woods and spice, earth and light smoke. Suited to all genders.


An unorthodox, unisex fragrance characterised by fresh florals and hints of woody and spicy notes.


A fresh fragrance reminiscent of cliffside vegetation and the seashore, with mineral top notes and stormy, metallic base accords.


A warm, woody fragrance with peppery, herbal notes underpinned by earthy accords that evoke a hint of the sea and musk.


A vibrant and fresh fragrance with bright, citrus opening notes that prelude waxy florals, powdery musk and concrete after the rain.


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