Abu Dhabi is fast-growing into an international tourism destination. As the development arm for the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi), TDIC is contributing to the development of projects that will ensure the Emirate becomes a world-class, sustainable destination.

Till the end of March this year, Russian hotel guest arrivals numbered 9,194, up from 6,508 the previous year, making it the eighteenth largest overseas source market.

The capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi, welcomed 4.4 million foreign tourists in 2016. This represents and increase of 8% compared to 2015. India is the top international market for the city, ahead of the United Kingdom. The number of French tourists has increased by 9% over one year.

The tourism market from Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is expected to grow, with a focus on the mid-market segment as the number of seats between the region and Abu Dhabi is not forecast to increase this year. “Our challenge is not the political situation or currency fluctuations, but we lack enough direct flights from our countries to Abu Dhabi,” said Grigoriev Edward, the country manager for Russia and the CIS. “Around 80 per cent of the clients coming to Abu Dhabi go through Dubai.”

“TCA Abu Dhabi has ambitious targets for both (Russia and China) countries and is aiming for another record year in attracting tourists to the emirate,” said Mubarak Al Nuaimi, Director of Overseas Offices and Promotions, TCA Abu Dhabi.

According to Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, who announced the latest data, the increase of the foreign tourists represents a new record for the capital. The authorities explained the positive numbers as a result of hosting major events, such as the Abu Dhabi Food Festival, the contemporary art fair called Abu Dhabi Art, and the Qasr Al Hosn festival.

Another beneficial step was the opening of the Al Ain Oasis to the public, which is the first site in the United Arab Emirates to be classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The program of activities available to foreign tourists has been enriched as well.

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