For 55 years, Lancôme has been setting the bar for premium skincare with Absolue. Uncompromisingly luxurious, its legend is built upon an exclusive blend of rose extracts, combining several extraction processes to extract a wide variety of active molecules from the heart of the rose in order to capture its exceptionally potent regenerative and revitalising capabilities. It is known as the Premier Cru of French Roses and to this day, Grande Rose Extracts sit at the heart of the powerfully regenerative Absolue range.

Now joining the iconic Absolue Soft Cream comes a new Absolue Golden Cream Mask. Combining superior cream-wrapping technology with Absolue’s star ingredients and the transformative Absolue Soft Cream texture, it takes skin on a luxurious sensory journey – then delivers instantly visible results on demand.

Absolue Golden Cream Mask delivers a powerhouse of precious ingredients. Now, women can achieve instantly plumper, softer, brighter skin in both a noble gesture and a time-saving, easy-to-use way – whenever they need it most. While iconic Premier Cru of French Roses is both supremely soothing and regenerating, the mask is also infused with the illuminating properties of pure 24K gold – an ultimate luxury signature.

Ultimate concentration of scarce ingredients in the most precious wrapping mask, new Absolue Golden Cream Mask contains the same amount of active ingredients as a full jar of the iconic Absolue Soft Cream. When skin is stressed, irritated or damaged because of pollution, emotional stress and intense lifestyle, new Absolue Golden Cream Mask takes you into a 20min self-care moment. Easy to use, you can benefice a luxurious regenerating experience, either at home or while on the go:

  • Simply open the luxurious golden sachet
  • Relax your skin by leaving the mask on your face for 20 minutes
  • Feel the instant nourishment and visible golden glow

Thanks to new cream-wrapping technology, the three-layer sheet mask is able to hold the signature Absolue Soft Cream poly-sensory and transformative texture. Highly occlusive, the structure of the sheet mask delivers a multi-layer skin infusion of the powerful formulation for ultra-potency and visible instant skin benefits. Compared to conventional sheet masks, Absolue Golden Cream Mask and its new generation sheet technology delivers a thermal effect as it allows to keep the skin temperature inside and improves absorption of the product.

  • A gold foil layer: for visual experience and luxury signature.
  • A cocooning fiber matrix sheet: offers occlusive coating to help prevent product evaporation, for maximal comfort and optimal skin absorption.
  • A non-woven fabric: locks in active ingredients for sublime skin regeneration on demand. Infused with Absolue Soft Cream and its Premier Cru of French Roses, renowned for its soothing and skin regenerating properties and with pure 24K gold, it provides a sublime pampering feeling on the skin.

A true beauty icon, Absolue Soft Cream is the original pillar of the range. Formulated by French know-how, at its heart lies Lancôme’s exclusive Premier Cru of French Roses. Lancôme combines several extraction processes – including steam distillation and an innovative solvent-free green process – to extract a wide variety of active molecules from the heart of the rose. In doing so, they capture and concentrate its exceptionally potent regenerative and revitalising capabilities.

An unparalleled, poly-sensory formula, Absolue Soft Cream comes in an unforgettably sensorial texture. The generous texture metamorphoses under the pressure of your fingertips, liquefying and releasing the full potency of its active ingredients. It first leaves a thin, fresh veil on the skin, delivering a sensation of intense nourishment, before enveloping the skin and leaving it silky, plump and luminous.



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