The private office of Sheikh Humaid Bin Khalid Al Qasimi, Lead Ventures and Host Theatre presented a unique experience of Emirati traditions “Unity” in Dubai. The event took place on November 26th at Al Fahidi Historical Area, a symbol of the region’s heritage. It was accompanied by groovy Khaleeji music with the DJ sets.

“Unity”, a brand new theatre experience in Dubai by the private office of Sheikh Humaid Bin Khalid Al Qasimi, Lead Ventures and Host Theatre, aimed to explore Emirati traditions and culture.

The event was honored with the participation of Sheikha Maryam Bint Mohammed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum. The audience was 200 special guests: ambassadors, diplomats and global entrepreneurs. The event was organized in collaboration with Parure Atelier, the international jewelry brand, and OCTANTA Holding, a leading provider of high-end yacht management, concierge and real estate services.

For us it is important to organize the events that underscore our commitment to openness and cultural exchange. The theatre experience was a testament to our dedication to fostering understanding and building connections across borders. We are delighted to share the richness of Emirati culture and heritage with the world. We introduced our guests to the traditions of the UAE”, said Sheikh Humaid Bin Khalid Al Qasimi.

Guests had the unique opportunity to engage in traditional Emirati experiences, including getting a traditional henna tattoo, capturing a moment with a real falcon, and witnessing an essential element of Emirati culture—the national dance, Harbiya.

Together we immersed ourselves in Emirati culture, learned more about traditions and enjoyed the theatrical part of the event. Together we are all united and that is why we envisioned the event as a time of unity, cultural learning, and immersive experiences in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. For the first time in the UAE, there was a flash mob-style collective singing of the country’s national anthem”, said Mr. Mohamed Al Banna, CEO of Lead Ventures.

The event was complemented by the traditional Emirati cuisine in a modern time-out market style. All the guests received a completely new experience of wearing abayas and kanduras.

We are truly honored to organize this exceptional event that explores the rich heritage of Emirati culture in collaboration with the esteemed Sheikh Humaid Bin Khalid Al Qasimi and Mr. Mohamed Al Banna. Our team has immersed itself in the exploration of Emirati traditions while preparing, delving deep into its spirit and essence. And now we were delighted to share the experience we’ve gained with our guests. The intersection of theatre and culture is a powerful way to connect people, and we are excited about the unique experience we delivered”, said Yulia Maksimovich, CEO, Host Theatre.

The event also featured two impactful speeches in the TED format. Minal Morarji, an artist of Indian origin, born and raised in Kenya, shared her inspiring story. Minal’s art serves as a means to raise funds for transforming the lives of the underprivileged. The audience was moved by her commitment to making a positive impact through her artistic endeavors. Rana Al Saadi, with a vision to be a proud successor of her father’s educational legacy, delivered a compelling talk. Her goal is to establish private schools in Iraq, fostering hope and progress for a brighter future. Rana’s dedication to educational initiatives resonated strongly with the audience, emphasizing the power of education to bring positive change.

In the Art Area, guests explored modern paintings by Farah A. Malhas. Farah’s work intertwines calligraphy and paint, symbolizing an initial state of grief, sorrow, and pain. The pieces, intentionally messy and sometimes incomplete, mirror the complexities of life itself, inviting guests to contemplate and connect with the emotions conveyed through art.


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