Whilst sneakers are having their moment in 2018, a man must not forget that also having an array of luxury shoes in his wardrobe is essential. Dubai-based mens footwear label CZAR, is here to remind you of just that.

Trading his banking career for boots, Sundeep Sen founded Indian handmade shoe brand CZAR in 2016 to bridge the gap between price, quality, style and comfort. “The main point is to tastefully combine comfort and design, and it is made possible by making all the shoes have a sponged upper vamp-covering for a comfortable and luxurious feel.”

“I have always had a passion for shoes. For generations, the most important accessory for men have always been watches and shoes. I wanted to create a line of distinctive shoes which honor the tradition of artisanal shoemaking, in contrast to the mass- produced merchandise. The leather and embroidered shoes are made while preserving the traditional shoemaking and customer requirements,” says Sundeep Sen.

CZAR believes that nothing can elevate your style like the right footwear can. Unlike the ultra-hyped sneaker fever that goes in and out every season, a good pair of classic and quality shoes will last you for years.

Different techniques are used in the shoe making process at CZAR. The state of the art Cork Shoes (CZAR PRISMA), for example, is first of its kind which makes it a stand- out for the confident man and woman. The corks are hand-stitched with a vintage wooden sole. Each pair has the standard CZAR suede inner-lining and gel in soles for maximum comfort. The optional hand-cut tassels also add to the color and personality quotient in the shoe.

The CZAR classic shoes such as the hand-stitched monks are made with the idea of making them the most comfortable monks a man could wear. This traditional process reflects a journey and is embedded with the understanding of the modern man’s sartorial requirements. Also keeping up with modern shoe technology, CZAR made the leather of its matted shoes covered with an invisible spray, super hydrophobic (water repellant) and self cleaning silicon dioxide coating, which makes surfaces practically water-proof and stain-proof. With inspiration from the best shoemakers around the world, the CZAR shoemaking process includes Blake Construction, Goodyear Welting, Rubber and Vintage Wooden soles.

The Welting process is one of the oldest labor-intensive methods of shoemaking, making every shoe almost impossible to tear apart. Customers pay for a product and expect it to be durable through all paths and hence each shoe is welted to perfection including the shoe-specific threading which is sewn through the welt and the upper and insole rib.

The patina hand brushed shoes are a stand out at CZAR because of its finish and construction. For this hours-long, effortful process, artisan shoemakers apply more than a dozen colors to the material in the quest of achieving a desired color. At first, the color is applied on to the leather, then it is left to dry; only after then, that the true process begins.

Made in limited quantities per style to maintain uniqueness, CZAR’s ready-to-wear collection features a variety of casual options all the way through to the perfect pair of dress shoes for fancy black-tie soirees. The collection is a bold and rich colorful palette of black, tan, cork, navy and burgundy featuring luxurious uppers in velvet and embroidery as well as classic brogues, loafers, oxfords, smoking slippers and monk straps. For the man that likes to stand out in the crowd, CZAR offers a custom made-to-order service.

The manufacturing of CZAR shoes is entrusted to a 75 year old family-owned factory, that pride themselves on experience and highly skilled craftsmen, proficient in producing the quality that CZAR guarantees its discerning customers. Each pair from the collection is priced between AED 800 to AED 1300.



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