A dazzling whiteness; a sculpture in perfume; an exceptional diamond. Introducing La Nuit Trésor Musc Diamant. The starting point for a new love story, and a new sensual chapter in the La Nuit Trésor family. Like a sensual halo around a white diamond, an intimate musk for a new story of seduction, La Nuit Trésor Musc Diamant is the complementary half to the modern icon La Nuit Trésor Eau de Parfum. La Nuit Trésor Musc Diamant continues the promise of a nonstop reinvention, a constant engagement for the adventure, to love as the first day. Created by three extraordinary perfumers: Amandine Marie, Christophe Raynaud and Honorine Blanc who have come together to give birth to a new facet of love, using an overdose of musk through all the olfactive pyramid. A musky scent as never seen before, joining La Nuit Trésor family.

The first hit – as addictive as falling in love – is a velvet raspberry accord combined with the powdery texture of soft violet leaves absolute, sublimated by the bright white musk. This top musky note lends sophistication and modernity to the violet and raspberry that – like every love story – is truly original. Further revelations delight at the heart of the fragrance with a rare Damascena rose essence, collected by tones to extract a precious tempting scent. It is wrapped in freesia accords. A light and luminous note crafted by the perfumers is enhanced with a halo of delicate, transparent jasmine petal accord with its own unique citrus freshness. A standout note sits within: a white musk, which brings elegance and substance all of its own, with warm and slightly woody undertones that lend a strength and tenacity to the fragrance.

Then the base notes, a heavenly satiny whiteness that delivers a carnal musky richness, thanks to white musk in the entire pyramid. With a powdery softness, it leaves a trail of animalistic musk in its wake that is both potent and sensual. Combined with a creamy sandalwood and almond accords, and with shades of hypnotic vanilla notes and patchouli essence, it’s both intriguing and memorable – a new addiction, a new love intensity. The overall result is a magnificent aura of lights and intimacy in a new sensual intensity. A diamond enveloped by an intense overdose of musk.

La Nuit Trésor Musc Diamant is the perfect match for La Nuit Trésor Eau de Parfum – the yin to its yang. La Nuit Trésor Eau de Parfum, a sultry, smouldering scent contained in a black diamond with notes of fresh raspberry, frankincense and vanilla wrapped around the essence of an intense black rose. The ultimate gourmand woody floriental in contrast with La Nuit Trésor Musc Diamant, a bright white dawn of a fragrance sculpted to complement and contrast, a startling sensuality and intense overdose of musk notes. The perfect dazzling addiction to the La Nuit Trésor family.

First the night, then the promise of sunrise… and that precious moment in between where time is suspended. Synonymous with the last star of the night, the white diamond epitomises the surrender to a new dawn and a new love. Like a relationship lived through the thrill of a white page, at l’heure blanche, a new facet of love emerges, as two lovers throw themselves into the unknown, jumping into life just as the dark of the night morphs into the stark powerful white of a new day. The basis of a new, big love, from this moment on, everything is possible.


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